Why Cheap Tournament Gifts are a Mistake

Posted by Regina Earwood on 9/18/17 5:30 AM

Have you ever raised funds for an organization and had nothing to show for it? Or worse, have you worked hard to support an organization only to receive a half hearted, cheap token of appreciation? Did that make you want to work harder to support the organization? Probably not.

As it turns out, rewarding your fundraisers with quality gifts is vital to bringing them back year after year and helping them feel that they matter to you and your organization.

Primary purposes of a gift “goody” bag is to leave a positive impression on your ministry or organization and to help retain that fundraising participant for next year’s event.  You want your tournament gift to bring warm smiles from your fundraisers. 


Picking useful, quality gifts also gives you the ability to extend your reach. Think of it this way, if you are able to give them a gift they will use throughout the year, they will think of your organization fondly every time they use it. And if you are able to strategically (and tastefully) place your logo on that item, you open up the opportunity for others to comment on it. Who knows, you may just get another fundraising participant out of the deal!

Helpful Hints

What NOT to give:
Logo Pens
Cheap Hats
Coffee Mugs  

What to Give:
A Nice Golf/Wind Shirt
Quality Hat
Small Duffel Bag

Displaying Your Logo:

Remember when doing logos to keep them small and subtle.  Some golf gifts under $20.00  are large caddy towels, umbrellas, quality drink tumblers, are nice divot repair tool.  

Nice, quality items can feel costly in the short run, but investing in your fundraising participants now will pay off in the coming years.


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