With These Three Steps Raising Teacher Morale Has Never Been So Easy!

Posted by Lynette Fries on 7/9/19 6:30 AM

Your teachers are the lifeblood of your school. They determine how bright your students’ future is and really, whether or not your school has a future. They're also the best way you have to communicate your fundraising priorities. We want to give you three small ways to boost teacher morale and engagement so you can watch your school flourish!

We want our teachers to be self-motivated but sometimes even the best teachers need a little boost. Great incentives for teachers include things like paid time off or a trip away. Some teachers even respond well to opportunities to get supplies for their classrooms! The best thing you can do is to take some time to see what would spark the interest of your teachers and offer those.

Once you know what will motivate your teachers, schedule a meeting with them before your next fundraising initiative. Use this time to walk your teachers through your fundraising campaign and drive the importance of why you are trying to raise this money. Help them understand how this campaign will positively impact their jobs and the students they are caring for. This will help them generate excitement in the students so that they will carry that excitement home and get their parents on board.

Feel free to encourage your teachers to be creative by doing something fun or silly like wearing their clothes inside out if their class hits 100% participation or dyeing their hair or eat something gross if they hit the fundraising goals. Encourage the teachers to have a little fun when choosing their own challenge, and again, remind them of the incentives you have in place for them.

Boosting teacher morale while fundraising


Another way to boost teacher morale is to allow them to celebrate their success during the fundraiser! Brainstorm some fun ways that will allow teachers and their students to make a big deal and give credit where credit is due. This could be as simple as recognizing them in daily announcements or putting on a special mini-pep rally who holds the most raised for the week, or even allowing a parade down the hall out into the playground where they get an extra recess with some popsicles or ice cream. There are so many options! By letting them celebrate wins you will create excitement in the students and will have a better chance of hitting your fundraising goals.

These are just three ideas. If you think of others, please leave a comment on our Facebook page!

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