You Gotta Save Money to Make Money!

Posted by Shelby Wade on 4/16/19 6:30 AM

More often than not we're told that we have to spend money to make money, but it's surprising how frequently the opposite can be true. Saving money is a great way for you to increase your fundraiser's value while proving to your donors that you're worthy of their trust.

Below you'll find three easy steps to save money on your next fundraiser.

Defray Hard Costs with Event Sponsorships

Sponsorships are a great way to get some capital to get your next event going. They also increase the footprint and buy-in on event day. When people see that you have a sponsored event, they'll pay closer attention. So how do you get these sponsors to listen?

Present the businesses with three value-driven sponsorship packages tailored specifically to that business. This gives the business options and lets them choose what will most benefit them.

Remember your sponsorship presentation should not only cover your organization but should also clearly spell out why the recommended sponsorship packages will benefit the business.

Most sponsors are looking to increase their visibility with their sponsorship dollars so market your event by providing potential sponsors with your target attendee demographics, such as age and income, as well as any other relevant details about your attendees, supporters, committee members, and board. Be prepared to fine-tune the offer based on feedback from business.

Utilize Volunteers to Reduce Staffing Costs  

Many non-profits tap their employees to help run events but putting that much pressure on your paid staff can lead to a lot of paid overtime and in some cases, pretty severe burnout. Instead of over-working your staff, look to volunteers to staff your event whenever possible.

save money on your next big fundraising event


Include an Opportunity for Non-attendees to Give

Someone may want to support your cause, but a conflict may prevent them from attending your event.

Be sure to include an option on your invitation and registration pages that indicates “I cannot attend, but I would still like to show my support. Please accept my donation of $_____”. You can also get creative by allowing non-attendees to support your event through an online auction.

Set a Post-event Fundraising Goal

Hopefully, you now have a captive audience that has enjoyed participating in a fun-filled event supporting your organization. Set a post-event fundraising goal based on the number of attendees and create an additional fundraising vehicle as part of your post-event communications.

You can set a long or short term fundraising goal, for instance, 3 months or 3 years. If your post-event goal is $300,000 over the 3 years and you had 1,000 event attendees, donations must average $300 per attendee or $100 per attendee per year which is a manageable amount for most family's

Utilizing these four tips is just the beginning. What are some creative ways you can think of to save money at your next event?


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