Your Guide to a Year End Giving Campaign

Posted by Sarah Bayley on 10/1/19 6:30 AM


As the calendar quickly turns toward 2020 your nonprofit should be preparing for your year-end giving campaign. Nearly 50% of nonprofits receive the majority of their annual donations between October and December. That means that this is the most important time of your giving year!

To make your fundraising push as successful as possible you should have several things in place.

Be Strategic

Take the time to assess your organization’s past year-end giving results and create an attainable goal. Use as much data as possible. What did you do last year? How does your donor base match up to where it was? What are the major projects that you have going on right now? What momentum are they driving? Asking these questions will help you put together a realistic expectation of what your donors might be willing and able to provide for your organization this season.

Communicate Well

Create a strong communication plan that will reach your donors’ hearts and connect them to your cause. Provide details about what your year-end giving campaign is for and allow the donor to celebrate milestones of achievement with you by making tangible goals and providing an understanding of their value in supporting your mission. The more they know, the more they’ll feel involved. And the more involved and bought into the mission of your organization, the more they’ll be willing to give.


Making a plan is the first step in a successful fundraising season


Use Your Resources

Engage your board in your year-end giving. This will expand your reach by asking them to use their personal and professional networks as leverage in your campaign. Take some time to remind them of their desire to serve on your board and use that inspiration to connect friends, family, and colleagues with your nonprofit. Your board should be some of the most engaged people at your organization, so if you are struggling to get them motivated, it might be time to evaluate why they are there and what they do to make sure your organization is successful.

Using your end of the year giving is vital to ensuring that you have a healthy budget to accomplish your organization's goals throughout the year. Make sure you approach it prepared and confident in what it will bring.


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