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Fundraising For Christian Schools

Christian School Fundraising
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We love Christian schools! Most of our team members have either taught in Christian schools or have their children involved in Christian education. We believe in your mission and are thankful for your sacrifices and service.

We work with literally hundreds of Christian schools throughout the U.S. and Canada. From small schools in small towns to large schools in major cities, most of our Christian school client partners set their all-time fundraising records on their first Champion event.

We understand the special challenges and dynamics facing Christian schools. From funding Tuition Gaps to funding special needs like technology upgrades, tuition assistance programs and facility improvements, we can help. 

Our events create exciting opportunities to bring families, staff and local businesses together to raise major funds and create new donors. Through Champion, some small schools of less than 100 students have raised over $100,000, and larger schools have raised over $200,000 and upwards of $300,000 in single Champion events.

Why would I need a fundraising company?

All Christian schools have unique missions that they deeply care about. In order for Christian schools to achieve their long term goals, raising money is of paramount importance. For example, if you want to spread Christian values that are important to you, acquiring funds from your community is a highly effective strategy to broaden your reach and promote your beliefs, while also improving the financial sustainability of your organization. A Christian education is deeply rooted in faith, but due to changing times new generations of school kids might not be able to fully appreciate the core values of our belief system. Fundraising events helps in teaching those same values through unforgettable experiences like feeding the poor, hosting community events to entertain school kids, inviting church youth groups to impart christian values to students and more.

In short, that explains the importance of raising funds. But you may wonder "why do I need a fundraising company's help for this? Can't I just raise money myself?" Well, many christian schools have tried and realized it is incredibly overwhelming to do so. Many organizations underestimate the amount of planning and coordination that is required to raise money as a Christian school, and end up losing out on the opportunity to make more money.

A fundraising company helps you throughout your fundraising journey, from conceptualization to execution. It is critical to develop a fundraising campaign which will resonate with your community to raise funds effectively. An experienced fundraising company will usually know how to optimize a fundraising campaign using a multi-faceted approach - this includes harnessing the power of online fundraising, gather participation fees through multiple channels, and make the entire process exciting for also come to the rescue if things do not go as planned or you face some unforeseen obstacles during your campaign.

How much money can I raise?

You can potentially raise $30,000 - $250,000 through a single major fundraising event – no kidding! We organize plenty of events and have helped Christian schools raise major funds with a strong Christian message using minimal resources. Both big and small Christian schools have had great experiences with us, and we have a long history of successful events for every age group! We believe that apart from simply raising funds, it is important for your Christian school to send the proper message to your students and local community. This is why we organize events keeping in mind your school's missions and plans for the future.


What kinds of fundraisers do you organize?

We have collaborated with schools to brainstorm successful fundraising ideas that are unique to their needs. If your school already has fundraising ideas in mind, we can help with execution and managing tedious aspects such as logistics, setting up necessary fundraising channels such as an online portal for collecting donations, event planning, and more. We even offer a dedicated fundraising platform to help you raise more money. Some of our biggest christian school fundraiser events are:


Feed the Need

The concept behind Feed The Need is essentially bringing an overseas “mission trip” experience onto a school campus or large meeting room. In this fundraising event, your students will pack 10,000 meals in an indoor Packing Party for hungry children and orphans. 

Live Dinner Auctions

Our Live Dinner Auction model has 12 unique revenue streams, not two or three streams like most auctions. Live Dinner Auctions create exceptional opportunities where you can bring new donors to a setting where you can showcase your organization in a meaningful and compelling way while raising more money than conventional auctions.

Community Servathons

Community Servathons are an excellent way to involve christian based schools in events focused on serving other people and your community. Projects can include feeding the elderly, painting curbs, picking up trash, performing in nursing homes, doing yard work for shut-ins, and other extracurricular activities. These events help you gain exposure from many media outlets, further helping you raise money efficiently.

Sporting Clay Shoots

Sporting Clay shoots are a type of skeet-shooting event where your participants use shotguns to shoot small, round hard-clay targets that are launched into the air by throwing machines. At most sporting clay facilities, targets are launched by remote-controlled throwers. Fun teamwork activities such as group tournaments are also possible. Such an event requires minimal resources and team members do not require any prior experience with shooting a gun either!

Top Reasons Christian Schools Hire Champion:

  • To fund Tuition Gaps
  • To fund special project needs (i.e. technology upgrades, facility upgrades, tuition assistance)
  • To eliminate all small fundraisers with one annual major event
  • To launch or re-energize a Capital Campaign 

We have a long and established history of private school fundraising. If you need help with improving financial sustainability or raising capital, give us a call and we would be glad to help!

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