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Fundraising For Christian Schools

We Serve Christian Schoolsgolf fundraiser

We love Christian schools!  Most of our team members have either taught in Christian schools or have their children involved in Christian education.  We believe in your mission and are thankful for your sacrifices and service.

We work with literally hundreds of Christian schools throughout the U.S. and Canada.  From small schools in small towns to large schools in major cities, most of our Christian school client partners set their all-time fundraising records on their first Champion event.

We understand the special challenges and dynamics facing Christian schools.  From funding Tuition Gaps to funding special needs like technology upgrades, tuition assistance programs and facility improvements, we can help. 

Our events create exciting opportunities to bring families, staff and local businesses together to raise major funds and create new donors.  Through Champion, some small schools of less than 100 students have raised over $100,000, and larger schools have raised over $200,000 and upwards of $300,000 in single Champion events.

Top Reasons Christian Schools Hire Champion:
  1. To fund Tuition Gaps
  2. To fund special project needs (i.e. technology upgrades, facility upgrades, tuition assistance)
  3. To eliminate all small fundraisers with one annual major event
  4. To launch or re-energize a Capital Campaign 

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