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Running Competitions in your Schools

Why should I run classroom competitions?
Competition adds a special atmosphere to your event and will help to increase the amount of money raised! Make the process fun for the students, and they will be excited about raising money for your school!
Competition should be based on the average dollars raised per student per classroom -
Formula for calculating a classroom goal: $250 x number of students = goal for classroom.  Example: if there are 10 students in the classroom the goal is $2,500.  If the classroom has raised $1,250, they’ve raised 50% of their goal.
This allows classrooms of different sizes to compete equally. Motivated teachers produce motivated students, which results in more money raised. Because of this, we’ve designed incentives for teachers based on how much money their classrooms raise, giving teachers the opportunity to win great prizes as well!

How often should we run competitions?
We recommend running classroom competitions once a week after your Kick Off.  Your data captain will pull reports from the fundraising platform once a week.  You can time your competitions to end just before the reports are downloaded to have the most accurate numbers.

Who runs classroom competitions?
The Classroom Captain and Homeroom volunteers are responsible for facilitating classroom competitions.  Here is a short tutorial video on how to manage your classroom competitions. https://youtu.be/5C6PAyu1t-s

What is the best way to recognize my highest fundraisers and competition winners?
Bring all students together each week during the campaign for a short pep rally or recognition during chapel or general assembly. During this time recognize key students who have raised money, contest winners and share any special stories.
You can also recognize them on social media, at the day of event or in a school newsletter.  Find out what type of recognition is important to you students and use that to motivate them.

What are cost effective prizes for competitions?
Your incentives and prizes will generate excitement for your competitions and your fundraiser.  Use a favorite teacher, administrator or special guest and some ideas from the list below for cost effective and exciting prizes.
  • Move their office to the roof
  • Dress up like a giant hot dog or in another ridiculous costume of sorts
  • Kiss an animal
  • Students will take turns spraying them with catsup and mustard
  • Wear clothes backward for a day
  • Shave their head
  • Pie in the face
  • Swallow a goldfish
  • Eat something disgusting
  • Slime bucket dumped over their head
  • Drink a crazy smoothie
  • Students will take turns throwing water balloons at the special guest
  • Give up something they really likes or do something she really dislikes for a week
  • Perform a rap or karaoke in front of student body to a song students choose
  • Wear the sports jersey of a hated rival
  • Ride a tricycle to get around campus for a day
  • Twirl their batons for an entire day
  • Duct tape administrator to wall
  • Teacher makeover contest
  • Shoot an apple off your head (with a water hose)
A great incentive to encourage the classroom to excel in fundraising is to give them an “out of uniform day” or a classroom theme dress-up day.  You can also award them with a food treat, a field trip or a movie at school.  Be creative with your prizes and talk to your students to see what appeals to them.

How can I get high involvement in my competitions?
The following are suggestions to build excitement and competition:
  • Each classroom or homeroom should choose a name for itself that would foster camaraderie and team spirit. Consider playing off the teacher’s name, such as “Evan’s Eagles.” Encourage the teachers to make this a part of their door decoration.
  • Have each classroom make posters to place throughout the school. Perhaps recruit the art teacher to be responsible for “in-house” advertising throughout the school.
  • Make daily announcements to teachers at morning faculty meetings to foster teacher competition. Highlight current contenders for vacations and the grand prize.
  • Make daily announcements over the school intercom recognizing top students and classrooms. Especially recognize those students who have already raised money and are eligible for prizes.
  • Post large progress thermometers in the central areas around the school for kids and parents to see. Thermometers are provided by Champion in your proof set.
  • Using the theme of the fundraiser, make a chart noting the progress.
  • Send home several take-home flyers during the campaign showing top homerooms and challenging parents to help their child’s teacher win a vacation. 

Competition Ideas:
Within the proof set are three competitions that we’ve found to be highly successful:
Texting Contest Flyer – This is a flyer outlining a contest to get your fundraisers excited and drum up participation. This should go out 3 weeks before your event.
Donation Contest Flyer – This flyer is for another contest to increase fundraiser participation. This should go out 2 weeks before your event.
Last Dash for Cash Flyer – This is the final contest flyer to help you receive last minute donations. This should go out 1 week before your event.
If your event falls during a school holiday time, we recommend challenging the students to raise money over this break. 
Thanksgiving – Have a “Turkey Challenge” offer a significant prize to the student (or family) that brings in the most donations.  Champion will prepare a flyer to help you promote this.

How do I get my teachers involved in our competitions?
We know teachers are the key to this event! We ask you to lay out the challenges to your students. The challenge would be that if your students all participate in sending out emails/text, you will allow the following:
Use the “I WILL” Competition. Enlist teacher volunteers to participate in this classroom competition by having each teacher decide what would motivate his/her classroom best. For example: I will color my hair green; I will sit in the dunking booth; I will give students a no-homework day; I will provide pizza for my class, etc. These ideas also work well when the administration participates.
The teacher with the highest average sponsorships by the deadline gets a dinner gift certificate or other gift solicited by the Day of Event Captain (gift certificate from your local teacher store, manicure, pedicure, spa treatment, gift basket). You could have a winner at the elementary level, junior high level and high school level. Remember, the sponsorship emails/texts are the key to fundraising success. You might even provide winning teachers with a half day off to use the gift certificate.

Running Competitions in my Organization
How do I choose the right competitions for my organization?
Having fundraising teams is a great way to drive competition among your supporters.  Generate a contest that has a time limit and set the prize to be something that the losing team gets to do to the winning team.  You can also choose someone within leadership at the organization to be slimed, to kiss a pig, or eat something disgusting. The options here are endless and can be very fun in driving excitement. 

Not too Late – This is a flyer to increase participation near the end of your timeline and should be distributed two weeks before your event date. 
11th Hour Challenge – This flyer is designed to encourage your participants to give one final push in their fundraising efforts and finish out strong. It should be distributed one week before your event date.

What is the best way to recognize my highest fundraisers and competition winners?
There are several platforms that you can use to recognize those who have been key fundraisers during your campaign.  We recommend using your social media page, our reverse texting platform and recognition at you day of event.
Holding a dinner or banquet after your event is the perfect time to award those who have earned incentives and pass out additional prizes.  You can collect donations from local businesses to give away to contest winners and highest fundraisers.  We highly encourage that you take the time to say “Thank You” to those who have fundraised for you during your campaign.  
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