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I'm Failing, What do I do?
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My host team isn’t active, can you help me?
Sometimes teams are super busy and don’t see this event as a priority. You can help that simply by creating urgency and accountability for each member. We recommend you do this by holding weekly meetings, making personal phone calls to insure attendance and then sending a follow up email to the team, listing who was at the meetings.Another aspect of activity is making sure they are doing completing items on their checklist. Each week, you will receive a checklist to be used as your guideline for your host team meetings. By simply tracking that checklist, you can measure how active your team is and what tasks are falling behind. We can always recruit a co-captain for added support if we need to help a host team member out.

My board or staff is NOT passionate about this event, what do I do?
Passion begets passion! It’s imperative that we get some face time with each one of these groups of people in your organization. We recommend starting with your board of directors, John Maxwell says "every organization rises or falls because of leadership". It’s time to inspire your leaders! We at Champion know that if you can answer the “whys” you will get tons more buy-in. Your “Why” of this event is simply answered by one question, “what would happen if this event fails?” Pause, and let your leadership answer. This is a powerful way to get everyone on board.

How do I overcome Nay-Sayers?
When any organization makes changes, you always have those few people who are negative. The loud majority can seem overwhelming. Don’t let this fester in your organization, go to the person and have a sit down! This can be very profitable to you and the event. This isn’t to argue but to inform. After laying out all the fun facts about the event, if the constituent still isn’t seeing the light, then kindly thank them for their time, ask them to pray for the event moving forward. Then trust it will meet a large need at the school/ministry.

How can we motivate with incentives and competitions?
Start with the basics, reward those who do the work! This is where you really need to dig in and find what works. Every organization is different. The way you would use these “carrots” is to offer an incentive that was specific to your organization to help motivate. For instance, if a participant raises $300, they get a $30 gift card to AMC movies. At the YMCA, discounted membership fees might work or at a local school having the kids pulled out of class for a popcorn party would be a thrill! Remember “carrots” are to help motivate the participant into raising more money!

Should I be creating high energy in my event?
This is a must. We find events that hold no energy die quickly and make significantly less money. In a school setting, you can simply run up and down the hallways with noisemakers and get those kids excited. In an organizational setting, the tone of the kick off and the wording of follow up emails is key. We need as much positive vibes as possible coming from you! Get excited and don’t be afraid to let it show.

How do I know who is participating?
Your fundraising platform can tell you exactly who is raising money and who isn’t. We do not consider someone who only registered for an event a participant. A true participant is someone who is actively raising money. Your data captain can always give you a list of those who are participating.

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