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Host Team

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How to choose the RIGHT people?
Champion has put together a Host Team description detailing the personality that best fits each role along with the approximate time requirements it requires to fulfill the duties. Below is a Host Team description for each type of organization, click on the one that represents you. 

Ministry Host Team DescriptionsPeople Together-1.jpg

School Host Team Structure Servathon

Church Host Team Structure Servathon

Booster Host Team Structure

General Host Team Structure

School Host Team Structure PS.PTA.PTO

School Host Team Structure

Are weekly Host Team meetings that important? 
That depends on how successful you want your event to be! Communication is key when dealing with so many moving parts. Each host team meeting is an opportunity for your team to voice their ideas and concerns as well as discuss tasks for the next week.  It is also opportunity to discuss solutions to any problems! 

How do I replace a Host Team member who is not performing? 
If you have a host team member who is not actively performing his/her tasks, we recommend the Event Director talk to this person and determine if this member would like someone to help them or just isn’t in a position to continue on the team. 

Is there a Host Team Meeting Agenda?
The Champion timeline supplied to your organization is not only a roadmap to success but can also serve as an agenda for each host team meeting.

 What do I do if I don’t have a full Host Team? 
Call your Account Manager, they are ready and willing to help!   

What is the Champion Academy? 
The Champion Academy is an online training course that addresses each Host Team role independently. Each Host Team member will be given log in credentials to gain access and this training should be completed promptly to ensure each team member is fully equipped to do his/her tasks. 

Does each Host Team member really need to fundraise? 
Yes! Fundraising is so easy with the platform Champion will provide your organization. Leading by example is the most inspiring way to lead. 


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