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How do I create excitement for my event?

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People Together-2.jpgWhy do I need to do a student Kick Off? 
A fundraising pep rally is a great way to hold a student Kick Off. To promote the rally, send home a flyer and display posters at least 1-2 weeks prior to the rally. Ask teachers and homeroom volunteers to remind families that students are supposed to wear green on the day of the rally (“Go For The Green!”), or you can pick another promotional idea such as having them wear school colors or who can wear the most “money”. The Student Kick Off Pep Rally should be held 4-5 weeks prior to the event, preferably the day of the Parent & Family Kick Off, and its purpose is to inform students about the fundraiser. This rally can be done at one time for the entire school or split up for different grade levels (K-6th, 7th-12th). Your main priority is to EXCITE the students so that they immediately begin working on the sponsorship emails/texts and to motivate them to get their parents to attend the Kick Off party that night. 

What is the purpose of subsequent Pep Rallies? 
Subsequent pep rallies can be weekly or bi-weekly, depending on your school. The purpose of these rallies is to motivate the students to send out sponsorship emails/texts, make follow-up phone calls and earn incentives.  Games, skits or relays keep the students smiling and excited.  Announce your weekly top fundraisers and their accomplishments. 

Should the parents attend? 
Parents are welcome to attend however keep the focus on the students. Your main priority is to EXCITE the students so that they immediately begin working on the sponsorship emails/texts and to motivate them to get their parents to attend the Kick Off party that night. 

Can I combine chapel and general assembly with a Pep Rally? 
You can combine chapel and general assembly with your Pep Rally.  We know that scheduling special events in addition to the normal school day can make your calendar fill up quickly.  We want you to use your time wisely.  If you do combine the events, remember to keep the Pep Rally exciting and motivating.  If you are doing a Feed the Need event or a Servathon, you can also use the time in chapel or general assembly to connect your students to the heart of your event and the impact it can have on their lives and to those whom their event reaches.  Pep Rally Schedule Example 
Here’s a sample 30-minute rally agenda: 
  • 5 minutes: Have music playing while you interact creatively with the audience  (Putt whiffle balls, toss mini basketballs, and have someone lead a theme song to learn and sing at each rally, etc.) 
  • 5 minutes: Recognize the “Best Dressed in Green” winners 
  • 10 minutes: Explain the fundraiser, the students’ fundraising goal, and the incentives 
  • 5 minutes: Conduct a skit or a relay 
  • 5 minutes: Dismiss after reminding them what they get if their parents attend the Kick Off 

How do I set up my pep rally? 
When planning for your pep rally make sure you keep it FUN! Use decorations that tie into your theme or event to create excitement.  Allow students to have a dress up day that carries out the theme of fundraising. Plan games that will keep the energy up and use this time to inform them of the great incentives you have lined up. Your main priority is to EXCITE the students so that they immediately begin working on the sponsorship emails/texts. 

Who is in charge of the Pep Rally? 
The classroom captain is in charge of planning the student pep rally. The classroom captain will coordinate the elements necessary to implement it smoothly on a school-wide scale. They will launch the Kick Off for the students by conducting a Student Kick Off Pep Rally ideally the day of the Parent & Family Kick Off night.

Do I need incentives?
Definitely! You need to establish an exciting and motivating fundraising incentives program. Incentives are extremely important to your event the right incentives modify behavior to motivate your participants to go far beyond their normal stopping point in raising funds.

How much do good incentives cost?
Good incentives make money; they don’t cost money. For example, we recommend that you purchase avacation voucher from our third-party vendor at a very low cost to you that will provide a free four-day vacation to each person who reaches $2,500! Many participants will stopafter reaching $1,000. If you could incentivize these individuals to reach $2,500 by offering afree vacation, you have just added over
$1,200 more in net proceeds because of this incentive! By offering outstanding incentives based onachieving fundraising tiers, you’ve provided a great gift and have created sizzle!
*Note that many people who try to reach an incentive level will fall short of the goal. Because of this effort, your incentives will motivate many participants to raise more money without any additionalexpense.

What are the best incentives for my Organization?
Champion has prepared a catalog of incentives we urge you to browse through: Click for Incentive Catalog
We strongly recommend schools take the time to survey their students to determine what incentives would be most influential to their student body.

What are the vacation incentives?
When a fundraiser from your Event raises $1,500 for the organization. From that amount, your organization could purchase a 3 day/2 Dynamic Rewards Package with standard amenities (complementary golf and breakfast) for $250.
When a fundraiser from your Event raises $2,500 for the organization. From that amount, your organization could purchase a 4 day/ 3 night Dynamic Rewards Package with standard amenities (complementary golf and breakfast) for $350.

Click here for Dynamic Rewards Vacation Pricing

Click here for Dynamic Rewards Vacation Destinations

Should I use a cruise as an incentive?
Champion recommends that the Cruise qualifying amount be $10,000. We achieve this by a gift certificate to a local Cruise Line (i.e. Royal Caribbean, Carnival, etc.) and a gift certificate for an airline (Southwest, JetBlue, etc.). We recommend $1200 for the cruise and $800 for the airline.

 What type of cost effective incentives can I use?
Your incentives and prizes will generate excitement for your competitions and your fundraiser. Use a favorite teacher, administrator or special guest and some ideas from the list below for cost effective and exciting prizes.
  • Move their office to the roof
  • Dress up like a giant hot dog or in another ridiculous costume of sorts
  • Kiss an animal
  • Students will take turns spraying them with ketchup and mustard
  • Wear clothes backward for a day
  • 12079594693_aee01d902a.jpgShave their head
  • Pie in the face
  • Swallow a goldfish
  • Eat something disgusting
  • Slime bucket dumped over their head
  • Drink a crazy smoothie
  • Students will take turns throwing water balloons at the special guest
  • Give up something they really likes or do something she really dislikes for a week
  • Perform a rap or karaoke in front of student body to a song students choose
  • Wear the sports jersey of a hated rival
  • Ride a tricycle to get around campus for a day
  • Twirl their batons for an entire day
  • Duct tape administrator to wall
  • Teacher makeover contest
  • Shoot an apple off your head (with a water hose)
A great incentive to encourage the classroom to excel in fundraising is to give them an out of uniform day or a classroom theme dress-up day. Several schools have given a free day out of school which was a huge and effective incentive. You can also award them with a food treat, a field trip or a movie at school. Be creative with your prizes and talk to your students to see what appeals to them.

Do the incentives have a cut-off date?
While most incentives are awarded by or before your day of event, the cash prizes associated with financial challenges are normally awarded 2-3 weeks after your event. This allows time for all donations to be received and accounted for. We recommend that you set this date early in the process andcommunicate it well to your participants.

Are incentives cumulative?
In the incentives catalog you will see multi-level prizes. There will be a section that we suggest be cumulative, meaning they will stack on top of each other and the student has the ability to win them all. However, our bigger prizes are non-cumulative and the family can only have one qualifying prize. 
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