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How do I inspire my board?

Open the search box by pressing Ctrl+F on your keyboard and typing in a keyword or phrase you are searching for.

My board or staff is not passionate about this event, what do I do? 
Passion begets passion! It’s imperative that you have face time with each one of these groups of people in your organization. I would start with your board of directors, John Maxwell says that every organization rises or falls because of leadership. It’s time to inspire your leaders. We at Champion know that if you can answer the “whys” you will get more buy-in. Your “Why” of this event is simply answered by one question, “what would happen if this event fails?”  Pause, and let your leadership answer. This is a powerful way to get everyone on board.  

How do I overcome Nay-Sayers?  
When any organization makes changes, you always have those few people who are negative. The loud majority can seem overwhelming. Don’t let this fester in your organization, go to the person and have a sit down! This can be very profitable to you and the event. This isn’t to argue but to inform. After laying out all the fun facts about the event, if the constituent isn’t seeing the light, then I would kindly thank them for their time and then ask them to pray for the event as we are moving forward and trusting it will meet a large need at the school/ministry.  

What if no one in leadership is raising money? 
This is a touchy question because it’s very personal but we know that if leadership isn’t raising money, your constituents will not raise money either. We would suggest that you take the time to meet with your leadership (one on one) to help understand why they are not raising money and see if it’s something simple you can overcome. Most of the time, they just haven’t taken the time or they are confused by the fundraising platform. Keep in mind that the host team should raise 10% of your goal pre-Kick Off 

What is a teacher Kick Off? 
This is one of the most important steps in the event process. Why? Because every parent who has a question goes directly to their teacher! They don’t look for a host team member or the administrator- they go to their teacher. That makes it very important that the teacher is informed. At the Teacher Kick Off, you will go through the entire process and make sure all their questions are answered. Please show the pre-recorded Kick Off video that is provided by Champion at this gathering.  
We highly suggest that you have this teacher Kick Off during a normal teacher meeting so the teachers do not feel like this is a bother. We also ALWAYS suggest bringing chocolate! It helps make it fun! 
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