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What is Post Event Wrap Up?

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How do I thank my volunteers, donors and corporate sponsors?  
Until you have been thanked 3 times, in 3 different ways, you do not feel appreciated. In effort to finish well, we suggest the following options. 
Thank the Donors and Participants: 
  • Students write thank you letters, personalize them 
  • Send these thank you letters throughout the year, not just once 
  • First of the month, send a card, signed by the students 
  • Use QR codes to link to thank you video 
  • We can reach all those who gave online as we have their email address 
  • Use a smart phone to grab video footage of kids, teachers, staff saying Thank you! 
  • Show what the funds purchased. 
  • Donor who donated over $500 should receive a personal call from the Administrator to say thank you. 
  • Give top donors a gift, like a coffee mug, nice pen, etc. to say thank you  
Thank your Corporate Partners: 
  • Plaques- that say thank you 
  • Create a Thank you package (t-shirt, newsletters, thank you letter and a certificate of appreciation) 
  • Radio spot 
  • Website presents 
  • Local signs 
  • Media exposure 
  • Banner 
  • Back of the T-shirt 
  • Major donor on sleeve of shirt 
  • Bring homemade goodies to store front 
  • Banner to drop off that kids have made 
  • This should be ongoing not just a one day thank you  

Thank your Volunteers: 
  • Texting thank you 
  • Thank you note from Administrator/director 
  • Take everyone out to lunch after event 
  • Personal phone call to say thank you 
  • Gift from the organization 
  • Public recognition at the award ceremony 
  • If you can find out the thing that makes people feel appreciated is key 
  • Giving a gift in person, not just a mailed package 
  • Recognition in the newsletter 
  • Appreciate your ED and/or Host Team with a hotel night getaway and a restaurant gift certificate. 

Prioritize this by spreading them throughout the year and putting them on your calendar ahead of time.
Get these things on your calendar! You will only be able to manage this if you plan accordingly! 

How do I get donation receipts? 
A receipt with be generated and automatically sent to donors who make an online donation and provide their email address at the time of donation. Donors who make offline donations will need to be provided with a receipt from your organization directly. 
Whenever a donation is entered along with the donor’s email address, a PDF receipt is automatically emailed to them.  Anytime an offline donation is entered or a pledge is approved, make sure to print off the donor’s receipt and file it. This way, you have them to distribute. Many offline donations do not come with an email address, so there is no other way for these donors to receive their receipts. 

When do donations stop flowing in? 
Typically, the largest portions of funds arrive before or on the day of event. You may see additional funds arrive post event but this flow usually stops around 4-6 weeks post event. 

What is a post event Host Team meeting? 
Your host team will benefit from coming together after an event to debrief and discuss what worked well and what needs attention. This allows for growth and planning for next year’s event and we think is best shared over great lunch as a way to say thank you! 

What is a debrief? 
Approximately four weeks after your event, Champion will conduct a debrief call.  This will aide Champion to efficiently assist you in planning your next event. 

What is a Final Affidavit? 
The Champion Group bases its relationship with Clients on mutual trust.  We trust Clients to report full and complete gross pledge information. (However, if Client knowingly provides false or incomplete pledge information, such that Champion’s fee is calculated to be lower than it should be, Client agrees that Champion shall be entitled to collect twice its actual fee amount plus reimbursement by Client for any costs related to the collection of said fee.) As such, we provide the final affidavit as a closing financial agreement between Champion and your organization. 

 How do I purchase the trip incentives? 
Please click here to access our vacation order form 
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