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How do I promote my event?

Open the search box by pressing Ctrl+F on your keyboard and typing in a keyword or phrase you are searching for.

You have a great event planned. The food is ordered, the balloons are flying high but who will come? How will they know? Thoughts are racing through your head on how to promote this event. “Do I rent a billboard, do a TV promo, call the media…I just don’t know!” If this is you, take heart. Here are five ways that we have found to be successful at promoting your event:
  1. Have a party! That’s right, have a small gathering of those friends you KNOW are the most vocal in your town. Get them pumped up and promoting this amazing event (you may even get a volunteer or two from this) and give them the power to be the first to know. Passion is the key on this tip. Get these people passionate and there will be no stopping them.
  2. Order a pizza! Did you know that most every pizza chain and small pizza place will allow you to place a flier on top of each pizza box for FREE? Just run off some copies of your invite and most will allow you to give them 2,000 fliers per weekend. And if you work with a couple of different shops, you can easily distribute 10,000 fliers in two weeks!
  3. Work with the press! Most media companies are looking for fun and interesting stories that are happening in your town. Create a well written press release. Make sure the editor needs to do very little to let it go to print. They’ll thank you for it.  Newspapers are busy and fast passed, if your press release reads more like an article then you will get top choice. Make sure to have emotional pull as your write your article, people love a little heart felt tug. Have updated articles running in the last 6 weeks of your planning leading up to the event.
    Press Release Sample                       Ministry Press Release FTN                       Sample Press Release FTN
  4. Hop on social media! It’s time to get on social media and tell the world. Most organizations make the mistake of creating posts that are informational at best. To really get someone’s attention, highlight what’s in it for the attendee. Take a look at these two posts. Which one motivates you to attend?
    POST 1: This Friday Night will be a fun filled adventure at our Harvest Festival. Starts at 6pm
    POST 2: Do you love to bounce? Eat Cotton Candy? Have a break from the boring? The come join us Friday night at 6pm for our Harvest Festival. 
  5. Yard Trash! Those $3 yard signs are annoying but they work! We have seen great success when a group puts yard signs around their town. Have families, organization or ministry partners and volunteers put a sign in their yard leading up to your event. In surveying groups that have done this we have found that 80% say they heard about this event when they say a yard signs. If your budget allows, this is well worth the investment. Just make sure they are simple and easy to read while going 40 mph!
 It’s fun and easy to promote a fundraising event. Just make sure what you are doing is working and you are not wasting time and money.
This step is often skipped in event planning, be intentional about making it happen.


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