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Secrets to a successful event

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Silly Photos-4.jpgWhy are we doing this event? 
Your organization has decided to partner with The Champion Group to do this unique one day event. Our goal is to make sure your event is fun and profitable. Most organizations need funding to survive and are usually short on available funds. This event will help close the gap between what is needed for your organization to run and what it actually has. Our heart is to eliminate all those draining small fundraisers and do just one big one. This will save you time, money and man-power. 

How can I effectively use my volunteers? 
Many organizations struggle with volunteer burnout and not knowing how to best utilize their volunteer’s time. In your Champion event, volunteers have a limited and defined responsibility. The results of their commitment during this twelve-week timeline could translate to $30,000, $60,000 or even more than $200,000 raised in your event. The more money you raise, the more lives your organization can touch. Make sure to assign host team roles to those who fit the description, have weekly meetings and most of all, say thank you! Just a quick pat on the back or a genuine thank you can change the way a volunteer behaves. Strong leaders always appreciate those who are following! 

How much money should I raise as a Host Team member? 
We challenge you to ask yourself this question, “How successful do you wish to be?” As a leader of this event, you are setting the standard.  Your host team is looking to you for leadership and success. They want to know how engaged you are before they jump in. Your goal should be between $1,500 and $2,500.  

Inspect what you expect, what? 
This lesson is applicable and true in all areas of life where you are in charge of overseeing others. Don’t just tell people what to do and assume they will do it- you must “inspect” what you “expect” to make sure the job is done right. This is especially true in volunteer environments! Make sure your expectations are clearly communicated. Follow up with support, encouragement, help and appreciation. 

How do I share the message of this event? 
Make them cry three times! Sounds silly but it’s true. When sharing the reason for this event, it’s important to share from the heart and not the head. When you share from the heart, it engages people's emotions. It's why they cry! This is not emotional manipulation, it is passion and passion moves people to action. Whether you are in a school environment or an organization, communication is always the challenge. We highly suggest you do not lean on Facebook post or emails to communicate your event. These are just advertisements, they are not invitations. The communication has to be personal and it has to be engaging. We suggest you use videos and calling committees to communicate with your constituents.  

How do I increase participation? 
Start with the basics, reward those who do the work! This is where you really need to dig in and find what works. Every organization is different. The way you would use these “carrots” is to offer an incentive that was specific to your organization to help motivate. If a participant raised $300, they get a $30 gift card to AMC movies. At the YMCA, discounted membership fees might work or at a local school having the kids pulled out of class for a popcorn party might be better. Remember “carrots” are to help move the participant into raising more money, not to punish them.
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