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Serve-A-Need Fundraisers


Serve-A-Need fundraisers are an excellent way to involve your volunteers/students in an event focused on serving other people and your community. Projects can include feeding the elderly, painting curbs, picking up trash, performing in nursing homes, doing yard work for shut-ins, and more. Want to know more about how Serve-a-Need events raises money through donations and improve fundraising efforts? Read on to know more or contact us here!

What is a Serve-A-Need Fundraiser?

Serve-a-Need is a peer-to-peer fundraising event that not only helps your school or organization in raising money—but also makes a positive impact on the community. In a Serve-a-Need, students and organizations raise funds by committing to complete community service projects locally. These projects can take place over a span of days or even be months-long depending on length of time required to complete a project. Donors can pledge an amount they feel is reasonable; participants have a reason to put in their best effort to ensure the project's success.

Serve-a-Need fundraisers help students learn to become better leaders, while simultaneously helping their school raise money. Such events often receive extensive media coverage and support because they make a huge difference in the lives of others, this can bolster even more change as this work can inspire others! Participating in service projects like a Serve-a-Need helps children learn compassion, build character, and realize what it truly means to serve one's community.

How Do You Raise Money in a Serve-A-Need Fundraiser?

Serve-a-Need is one of our key fundraising methods and we keep the fundraising structure simple. Students and organizations raise money through various means, such as reaching out to family and friends and asking for pledges and donations to help their school. These efforts happen both online and offline. Supporters go online to a school's fundraising page in order to gain more information and track the event's progress, and email lists are developed to keep donors informed about new details and more.

Fundraising pages can also be utilized on social media platforms. On these pages, schools and organizations have the ability to upload photos and videos, explain the service fundraiser's mission, and expand on the type of service they will provide. Donors can choose to send their contributions either online or donate in person. This multi-channel fundraising can offer confidence that with the right promotion, your fundraising targets have a better chance at being met.

Happy male volunteer pointing at tshirt with friends in background-3What Kind of Service Projects Do You Help Organize?

We believe a Serve-a-Need event helps meet needs in our community, and offers students tangible ways to express the lessons learned in the classroom. We help organize a variety of community service projects, including planting trees in local parks, picking up trash around our area, assisting at local food banks, and washing fire trucks and ambulances.

In addition, we help organize projects in such a way that students of different age groups can collaborate together in the same service project. For example, we afford opportunities for young kids to pack humanitarian supplies for one of our partner schools overseas. Not without guidance, older youth, like high school students, are given the chance to mentor and encourage these younger kids as they serve.

Serve-A-Need Fundraisers Will Tremendously Benefit Your School

Serve-a-Need fundraisers are especially beneficial for young people as they gain appreciation of the blessings they have compared to others who have far less. Serve-a-Needs also teaches valuable lessons on giving, generosity, and serving others: The resulting lessons in character can positively impact your organization over time in many different areas. Our wish is that your serve-a-need would be part of increasing your organization’s culture of generosity and focus on others.

Our Serve - a - Need program provides your organization with strong opportunities for local media coverage as well. We have an entire handbook on creative service ideas, and how you can leverage your serve-a-need focus into other organization-specific areas of benefit.

The Champion Group Can Help You with Raising Money Through Serving the Need

If you think a Serve-a-Need might be beneficial for your school, reach out to us, and we would be happy to help! We have had plenty of success organizing multiple fundraising events—some that have even netted north of $30,000 in a single event. If you want to raise funds while giving back to your community, you can contact us directly, and we would be glad to assist!

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