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Feed the Need Fundraisers

Feed the Need is The Champion Group's premier major fundraising event. It is a brand-new event concept we innovated as a way to raise significant money for your organization and, in the process, have your participants make a true difference in the world. The concept behind Feed the Need is essentially bringing an overseas “mission trip” experience onto a school campus or large meeting room. If you want to empower students to make a difference in the lives of the less fortunate, "Feed the Need" is an incredibly significant way to do so.
feed the need service event

What is a "Feed the Need" Fundraiser?

In "Feed the Need" fundraisers, volunteers pack and serve food that is then distributed to orphanages and Christian schools internationally; you may also keep a portion of the meals local if you wish. This is an event where families and students can make a direct impact on their communities through their donations and service.

Feed the Need has captured participants' hearts, as well media and donor attention beyond any event in our history. In any given Feed the Need event, your participants might pack 10,000 meals in an indoor "packing party" for hungry children and orphans. It's no surprise that the scene is exciting and filled with energy, balloons, news crews, and upbeat music. Of the 10,000 meals you pack, 1,500 meals can remain local, and 8,500 are distributed overseas directly to orphans and children facing extreme hunger in five different developing countries (Haiti, Jamaica, Sri Lanka, Kenya, and Bangladesh). You can even feel free to bring friends along! This private school fundraiser is one of our most tried-and-tested events to raise funds effectively, and it comes highly recommended. 

Did we mention that we also have an average return of $85,000 per campaign. Ready to get started? Visit our contact page or continue to read on about the process.


How Can I Organize a "Feed the Need" Event?

If you feel worried that organizing such an event might be overwhelming, do not fret! The Champion Group is here for the very purpose of helping you make your fundraiser a success. We provide all of the meal ingredients for a "Feed the Need" event, packing equipment, and even event management. The event comes completely weather-proof, and gives your participants the opportunity to make a hands-on difference in the world. Plus, participants learn direct character lessons of selflessness, serving others, generosity, and gratitude.

We ensure that the meals sent out to children are highly nutritious and of great quality because we believe that it is our responsibility to improve the health and well-being of our community.  From start to finish, we provide a seamless and hassle-free experience so that you can focus on the fundraising activities themselves while we handle the logistics.

In conclusion, Feed the Need is perhaps one of the best fundraisers you can organize for your private school. Not only are you providing hope to the less fortunate and making a direct impact on the world: You are also in a position to gather a high amount of funds that can further benefit your school's mission in the long term.

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