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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Champion the industry expert?

Yes, we are considered the top expert in our industry in the U.S. and Canada. Our company's founder helped pioneer our specialized industry in 1990. We bring you the expertise developed from over 2,600 major fundraising events conducted throughout the U.S. and Canada through two companies founded by our founder. These events have raised over $100,000,000 to date. Champion’s performance has earned an extensive list of extremely satisfied clients, national partnerships with prominent organizations, and a spotless record with the Better Business Bureau.

How can Champion effectively service us from out of town?school fundraisers

We serve you the same way we've so successfully served other client partners throughout the country! You are served by a dual team of our home office staff in Birmingham, Alabama and one of our field consultants. We use technology to effectively eliminate the geographical boundaries. Our client partners' extraordinary successes demonstrate how well this relationship works.

How much does it cost?

Your total expenses should range from 30% - 40% of what you raise, depending on the type of event you conduct (our fee is a portion of this total). Compared to many fundraising events and product sales where expenses often start at 50% and reach as high as 60% to 75%, the return on investment of Champion events is excellent. The other great news is that Champion major funding events essentially cash-flow themselves as almost all the expenses you will incur in your event are paid from donations already received.

What is our risk?

Impressively, your risk is virtually zero. Almost all of your expenses are incurred just prior to or after the day of your event. On the rare occasions when an event has problems, early cancellation avoids almost all expenses and, because of early donations, should leave any organization profitable.

Does Champion offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

Yes we do. It’s an unusual and remarkable guarantee in our industry. If you follow the key points of our program and don’t raise at least $10,000, we will refund all our consulting fees.

Can small organizations be successful?

Yes. Whether you’re small or large, we can help you engage your network to raise a substantial amount of funds in a single event. From the three-staff-member Young Life ministry in Alabama that raised $98,000, to the three-staff-member Strait Paths Foundation in Pennsylvania that raised $127,000 or the Spring Valley School of 63 students that raised $154,000, many very small organizations have conducted highly successful events on their first Champion event.

Can we eliminate our small fundraisers?

Yes. If your organization conducts multiple, small fundraisers, this event is especially for you. Many of our clients completely eliminate all of their “nickel and dime” fundraisers with one Champion event.

What are the most important real benefits to us?

The most important short-term benefit is CASH – and probably a lot of it. The greatest long-term benefit is the hundreds of new donors that one event can add to your donor base.  Many of these donors can be cultivated into ongoing donors to your organization. Our events generally produce between 300 and 3,000 first-time donors to your donor base.

Can we conduct a major event on our own?

Most likely yes, to some degree, but that’s not the best question. The best question is how much money do you want to make? Because of our experience, our events typically raise from three to ten times more money than those same types of events conducted independently. Because you can raise so much more with us than without us, we are essentially FREE in a cost/benefit analysis.

How many volunteers does it take to organize an event?

Our events are primarily driven by volunteers, not staff. For most events, you only need 5-7 key volunteers to organize a successful campaign.

Can we organize the event in less than 12 weeks?

Yes. Though the full twelve weeks is helpful, many clients have been very successful on shorter timelines. We prefer at least eight weeks but can accommodate shorter timelines if necessary.

Will a Champion event conflict with our Capital Campaign?

No, it won’t – a Champion event will actually help your capital campaign. Capital campaigns are focused on asking your existing supporters to give more money beyond what they are already giving. Our major fundraising events are focused on asking your supporters to give a little of their time as fund-raisers to ask their own friends and family for financial sponsorships. Typically, around 90% of donors in a Champion event have never given to your organization before (they are new donors). As a result, almost all the money raised in a Champion event comes from outside donors that would never be asked to give to your capital campaign. Organizations conducting capital campaigns often use a Champion event to launch that campaign with the energy and excitement of a major event, or they use us to re-energize an existing capital campaign to bring it back to life. Either way, Champion is an ideal complement, not a conflict, to a capital campaign.

What’s our next step?

Call us at 800-490-1959. We’ll schedule a phone meeting to see what your needs are and share how we can help you. Once you’re ready, we can start immediately.

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