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Fund Development/Stewardship Campaigns

Growth Consulting Services

In addition to conducting major fundraising events, we also provide Growth Coaching (Strategic Consulting Services) that can help you drive long-term growth and funding.  We have a team of experts with over 60 years of expertise serving nonprofit organizations. We will walk you through a simple process to help your organization make strategic shifts that lead to a stronger and more successful future.Copy_of_Host_Team_Training.jpg

The purpose of our strategic consulting services is to help you move your organization beyond the 12-Month Cycle of Survival to true financial sustainability and growth.  Sustainability and growth only happen through strategic planning – defining a strategic Master Plan based on real-life best practices and aligning all of your organization’s human, technological and financial resources behind this plan.

The following are specific areas of strategic expertise, as well as stand-alone modules we offer, to help you transition your organization from survival to sustainable.


Strategic Fundraising & Stewardship Campaign Programs


Raising money to support your mission is not about arm-twisting or high-pressure sales. It’s simply about 1) building relationships, and 2) telling your compelling story. We can guide you through a proven donor development strategy, including relationship management, more effective annual appeals, when to use what kind of fund raising events, and most importantly – how to tell your worthwhile story in a heart-capturing manner.

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