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Golf & Walk Events

Golf & Walk Events

Champion innovated the Golf & Walk Event concept in 1998.  Up to this point, we had the accumulated experience from over 1,200 prior golf tournaments but had never been able to overcome the biggest fundamental problem with golf – that only 15% of adults can play the game.  The problem is that, if you are using golf to raise money, you are literally excluding 85% of your supporters from participating!walkers2-1.jpg

The solution to this major limitation to golf is the Golf & Walk Event.  In these events, everyone has a role to play – whether golfing or walking.  As a result, all of your supporters can be mobilized in the fundraising campaign that occurs prior to the day of event. 

The Golf & Walk Event was the most successful fundraising event concept in the country for schools, ministries and select nonprofit charities from the late 1990s until just a few years ago with the development of the Feed The Need event.  Literally hundreds of schools and organizations have set their historical fundraising records using Golf & Walk events.

In a Golf & Walk event, your golfers can play either a traditional 18-hole format or a golf marathon format.  Non-golfers arrive at the course, typically in the mid-afternoon after school, and conduct a nine-hole walkathon on cart paths.  If there are children among the walkers, you would conduct the walk on a nine-hole track where golfers have already played for safety purposes.  If you don’t have children in the walkathon, you should position your walkers to walk the last nine holes of the golf tournament as a spectator gallery – literally like a small PGA tournament!  Here they can heckle and cheer the golfers – and the golfers get a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to play in front of a gallery!

Golf & Walk events allow a variety of creative elements on the course.  Every tee box should have a large sign that highlights an interesting fact or statistic about your organization or your mission.  In addition, each tee box can be positioned to host a contest, a game, or an activity that would be fun for your participants.  In most of our Christian ministry events, certain tee boxes are designated as prayer stations or devotional stations.

At the end of the event, you would conclude the event with an Awards Luncheon, Dinner or Dessert where everyone can gather for an inspiring and laughter-filled awards presentation and event finale.

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