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Golf Marathons

Golf Marathons

Imagine an audaciously fun event where a small group of golfers, who love your organization and have already raised money through personal sponsors, arrive at a local golf course at 5:30am.  It’s dark outside. Everyone’s a little sleepy, yet the energy and excitement in the room are palpable.  Just as the skies are beginning to lighten, special rules and announcements are given.  A group photo is taken.  And with a rush, your golfers charge into the distance and begin the most exciting and fun golf experience of their lives!golf fundraiser

Our founder helped pioneer the 100-hole golf marathon concept in 1990. These events are outrageously fun and involve your organization taking over a golf course for an entire day. Each golfer has a goal of playing 100 holes of golf (or less if preferred).  Golf marathons take 5 – 12 hours to conduct, based on your format (ask for more details on our half-day marathons).  Each golfer is in his/her own golf cart.  The event wraps up with an inspiring and laughter-filled Awards Dinner or Awards Dessert.

Golf Marathons have enormous WOW factor.  Most golfers are awed by the concept.  As daunting as it sounds to play 100 holes in one day, golf marathons are actually much easier and much less physically challenging than they sound.

We bring you the experience from over 1,200 golf marathons that have been conducted throughout the U.S. and Canada.  Golfers from all walks of life have participated in golf marathon events – from PGA Tour players, U.S. senators and ambassadors to custodial staff and trade workers.  Across the board, the most common response from marathon golfers at the end of the day has been, “This is THE MOST FUN I’VE EVER HAD IN MY LIFE on a golf course!”

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