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How Money Is Raised

How Money Is Raised

Is it challenging to think that your organization could actually raise $50,000… or $100,000… or potentially over $200,000 in one major fundraising event?  If so, you’re in great company.  Many of our client partners had never raised close to these amounts prior to their Champion partnership.  It’s difficult to imagine going from a past experience of only raising $5,000 or $10,000 to facing a legitimate opportunity to raise $50,000 or higher.  Yet we’ve helped hundreds of organizations do just this – to go from low-level past fundraising experiences to $50,000 and $100,000 events.

We help you identify your event Host Team comprised of five to eight key volunteer leaders.  We train your Host Team on our 12-week proven campaign timeline and coach each person weekly through the process.  We are on-site several times during the process to help you build momentum.  It’s during this 12-week campaign period that most of your money is raised.

Our Fundraising Engine

With the exception of our Live Dinner Auction event, most of your money is raised directly by your participants.  Think of how a walkathon raises money – each walker contacts friends and family to be personal financial sponsors.  Donors give because of the personal relationship with the participant, not because of the walkathon.  This principle of relationship-based giving is the most important principle in fundraising:  People Give to People They Know. For this reason, even organizations with very low visibility or appeal can be highly successful.

We help you identify the best event for your organization that excites your people and brings them together.  Each of your participants becomes a part-time fundraiser for your organization.  We provide training tools for each participant plus a state-of-the-art web-based fundraising platform where they create their individual personal websites.  These personal websites are emailed or texted directly to your participants’ personal networks of friends and family.  Donors can give instantly online or can mail their checks directly to your organization.

In addition to your participants’ personal fundraising, we also help you incorporate additional powerful fundraising streams into your event – including corporate sponsors, underwriters, matching donors and alumni engagement.  Combining all of these fundraising elements, along with the energy created by an exciting major event, and you’ve got a powerful fundraising engine.  

Consider the small private school of just 63 students that recently raised $154,000 on their first event using Champion’s fundraising engine – it works! We’ll take you step by step through the process to make it easy, fun and hugely successful.