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Live Dinner Auctions

Live Dinner Auctions

Our Live Dinner Auction event stands alone from all our other major fundraising events.  In all of our other events, funds are raised primarily from participant's personal fundraising, which generates hundreds of first-time donors.  Live Dinner Auctions create exceptional opportunities where you can bring those new donors to a setting where you can showcase your organization in a meaningful and compelling way.  The end goal is not the money those new donors may give at your auction, but more importantly, the hope that those new donors will fall in love with you and become regular long-term donors.fundraising banquet

Literally thousands of schools and nonprofit organizations conduct auction events, and there are literally thousands of bad examples of how these events are conducted!  The vast majority of auction events intentionally or unintentionally turn into flea-market events where the emphasis is to come get great stuff cheap.  Champion Live Dinner Auctions are all about creating lavish spending events where people spend a lot of money on things that don’t cost much – and feel great about doing it!  The reason?  Their hearts are engaged in your cause, and they delight in becoming part of your story.

Our Live Dinner Auction is a unique fundraising auction model in the industry that involved five years of research before launching.  During these five years of research, we gleaned ideas and insights from the best examples in the country and learned from some of the worst ones.

As a result, our Live Dinner Auction model has 12 unique revenue streams, not two or three streams like most auctions.  When done correctly, because of these different streams, your auction sales should account for less than 20% of your total funds generated (not 80% as is common).  Additional sources of revenue in our model come from underwriters, corporate sponsors, table hosts, treasure box game, end of the evening round-ups plus some other key areas.

In addition to providing multiple revenue stream opportunities, we help your organization avoid the Top 10 Mistakes made in auctions and learn successful tips from over 70 Best Practices.  We’ll show you what items to put in your auction and what items to avoid.  We’ll show you the best order to list your items and provide strong direction on timing, theme, venue, presentation, program, auctioneer, etc.

In addition to all of the above benefits, we also provide at no extra charge best-in-class auction software that allows you manage your entire auction!  With this software, you can easily track and assign item numbers, starting bid amounts, product descriptions, seating assignments, ticket sales and program creation.  In addition, at the night of your auction, our system allows for accurate electronic processing of bidder's purchases, invoicing and online payment transactions.

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