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Fundraising for Ministries and Charities

We Serve Ministries & Charitiesministry fundraisers

We would love to help you!  We work with literally hundreds of Christian ministry organizations and select charity nonprofits throughout the U.S. and Canada.  Many of our team members serve directly with these organizations as volunteers, and many on our team serve as members of boards of directors with a variety of local and regional ministries and nonprofits.

We know your world.  We know the challenges you face in trying to accomplish your mission.  If you’re like most Christian ministries and nonprofit charities, you struggle with being understaffed, underequipped, underpaid and underfunded.  And as a result, you are probably overworked and overwhelmed!

From small ministries and nonprofits in small towns, to large organizations in major cities, we can help.  Consider the small camp for disabled children in a rural Alabama town that raised $117,000 on their first event.  Or consider the national Christian military ministry that raised $360,000 on their first event.

Our events create exciting opportunities to bring your supporters, staff and local businesses together to raise major funds and create new donors.  Whether your organization is facing a need of $30,000 or $300,000, we would be delighted to help you.

Top Reasons Christian Ministries & Charities Hire Champion:
  1.  To fund operating budgets
  2.  To fund special project needs (i.e. hiring needs, technology upgrades, facility upgrades)
  3.  To fund mission opportunities
  4.  To launch or re-energize a Capital Campaign

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