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Other Signature Events

Celebration Carnivalscarnival_fun.jpg

Celebration Carnival events are guaranteed fun days for your participants.  If your organization already conducts Fall Festivals or Spring Fling carnival-type events, we can put our fundraising engine into your event and help take it to a new level of success.  If you’ve never conducted a carnival-type event, we can give you all the tools and steps needed to be successful.

Most Champion Carnivals involve the entire family and feature such activities as live music, inflatables, pony rides, rock climbing walls, cotton candy and face painting.  In addition, you can add a variety of vintage Americana carnival activities like cake walks, go-fishing games, musical chairs, bean bag tosses, dunking booths, pie tosses, etc.  Celebration Carnivals are great events for fun and community, and they can also raise big bucks.  The most successful Champion Celebration Carnival raised $283,000 in a small north-Georgia town.

Fishing Frenzies

Fishing Frenzies are exciting events for entire families. A Fishing Frenzy event involves a 24-hour fishing event that begins with a Captain’s Dinner at 6pm on a Friday night and concludes with an Awards Dinner at 6pm on Saturday night.  Anglers provide their own boats and bait and can fish any public or private waterway.  The event is a catch-and-release event where awards are given based on most inches of fish caught, biggest fish, ugliest fish, and best fish story!  Our first two client partners to conduct a fishing event raised $47,000 and $115,000 respectively.

Bowling Derbiesbowling_derby.jpg

Bowling Derbies are excellent weather-proof indoor events for bringing together participants of all ages.  We have creative bowling ideas and contests you can use to create a more exciting and memorable experience for your participants.  Our most successful Bowling Derby to date was conducted by a group of university students in Starkville, MS that raised $107,000.

Custom Adventure Events

If you are part of a large or national organization, we’d love to help you craft a creative Custom Adventure Event or national event fundraising strategy.

We recently partnered with a prominent national Christian ministry that works with thousands of military families. Our goal was to create a custom Adventure Event series that would inspire its supporters around the country to raise money to complete a capital campaign project.  We staged three annual events – two in the Colorado Rockies and one in the Canadian Lakes Boundary Waters.  Participants were challenged to raise $25,000 per team, and team members traveled to the event from all parts of the country.

The first event (Race To The Summit) consisted of a back-country adventure and ascension to the summit of Mt. Princeton in the Colorado Rockies.  The second event (the Grand Portage Adventure) was conducted in the Canadian Lakes Boundary Waters, and the third and final event (the Over The Top Adventure) was a four-day adventure in the heart of the Rockies involving horseback riding, rock climbing, backpacking and off-road ATV experiences.

How well did these custom adventure events work?  In addition to generating numerous new donors, the first event raised $360,000, and all together, these three events raised over $750,000.

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