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Private School Case Study

Case Study

A Private School

Spring Valley School is a small private school in Alabama for children with learning differences resulting primarily from dyslexia and ADHD.  Spring Valley had never raised more than $40,000 in previous fundraisers, and given its enrollment of just 63 students, didn’t know how realistic it was that they could raise more.  Spring Valley found Champion and launched their first Feed The Need event with a stretch goal of raising $75,000.  Their Champion team encouraged them that it was possible to raise more, and to consider an audacious internal goal of $100,000.

As the campaign launched by motivated volunteers, a key administrative leader of the school actively sought to undermine the event due to personal jealousies.  Despite these sabotaging efforts, Spring Valley had already raised $40,000 by their Kickoff night, and through Champion’s coaching, encouragement and vision-casting to parents to follow the Champion model, parents were drawn into the heart and excitement of their children being part of Feed The Need.  Spring Valley crushed their initial goal – their campaign thermometer passed $75,000 three weeks out, then passed $100,000, then passed $125,000 and finally landed at $154,000 raised!  Of this amount, $77,500 was raised in corporate sponsors and underwriters.  It was the most successful fundraiser in their history, and it’s a great example of what a small, motivated group of volunteers can accomplish, even in the face of adversity.  As a result of Feed The Need, Spring Valley was able achieve high visibility in the community through newspaper articles, magazine articles and story segments shown on three local television news stations.  Funds raised from their Feed The Need event enabled them to upgrade their technology, make facility improvements and buy a brand new Chrome book for every student and teacher!



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