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Public School Fundraising

We Serve Public School PTA & Boosters 

Whether you’re part of an elementary parent-teacher organization (PTA/PTO) or part of an upper school Band Boosters or Athletic Boosters organization, we can help you.  We understand the funding challenges faced by public schools.  With continual educational budget cuts, parents are having to fund more and more activities and needs that are no longer funded through the public school systems.champion events

If you’re with an elementary school looking to fund playground equipment, library books or other special needs, or if you’re part of an upper school band or athletics booster organization needing to fund uniforms, athletic equipment, instruments or competition travel, we’d love to help you.

Our events create exciting opportunities to bring students, families and local businesses together to raise major funds.  Whether your school or booster organization needs to raise $30,000 –– or more than $100,000 –– we can help you meet your needs.

Top Reasons Schools & Boosters Hire Champion:
  1.  To fund school needs (playground items, books, technology)
  2.  To fund athletic needs (uniforms, equipment, officiating fees, travel)
  3.  To fund band-related needs (uniforms, equipment, instruments, travel)
  4.  To reduce parent out-of-pocket expenses

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