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Recruiting School Volunteers to Boost Fundraising & Word of Mouth Marketing



How do volunteers make an impact on your school?

school volunteersVolunteers are an essential part of your school's fundraising efforts. They help you motivate and inspire people to participate in your cause and help you organize your event. 

But how do we find these superstars who freely give their time, energy, and expertise? And what role do they play in creating a strong word of mouth strategy for your school?

Watch our on-demand webcast, "Recruiting School Volunteers to Boost Fundraising & Word of Mouth Marketing". During this webinar, our CEO and Founder, Don Carmichael, and special guest, Ralph Cochran, President of Schola Inbound Marketing, will show you:

  • Key ways you can recruit and empower volunteers to make fundraisers successful
  • How to intentionally spread the word about your school in your community

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