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Financial Planning

Financial planning & budgeting is one of the most overlooked aspects of running a nonprofit. This small step can help nonprofits become truly sustainable. Creating a financial plan and yearly budget for your organization will create freedom that you have never imagined & allow your people to make decision faster & with more confidence than ever before. This is one of the fastest ways to lead you towards true sustainability!



Creating disciples of Jesus Christ is the goal of every Christian school. How are you doing in creating disciples at your school? How can you measure the success of something so intangible? The Champion Group will help you identify and implement strategies to maximize and accurately track the health of your school as you strive to lead your students towards authentic relationships with Christ!

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Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning is a word many people use, but what does it mean? Here at TCG we define strategic planning as a process envisioning a desired future, translating vision into broadly defined objectives. It begins with the end and works backward to your current status to set clearly defined objectives to accomplish what is most important for your school to work towards your God-ordained purpose.

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It is vital to create systems and process that will outlast any one member of your team to ensure that when that person leaves the task or responsibility is not forgotten. Healthy Operations will help you create a sustainable organizational structure that will endure long after the person who implemented is gone.

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TCG can help you raise more money than you have ever raised before and we can help bring in more students than you have ever enrolled; but what will happen next. We help schools take money and reinvest it in themselves to work toward true sustainability!

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Academics is an area most school know how to conduct with great effectiveness. TCG wants to ask you organization, how do your academics reinforce your Purpose? How does your curriculum promote the mission God has laid in front of you? When you have a Discipleship Infused Culture everything points back to the same goal!

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Leadership and HR

Leadership development and coaching is an area many for profit companies dump vast amounts of funds as they see the importance of developing their people, nonprofits rarely see this need. As a result of this oversight many nonprofit leaders will burn out after only a short time at their organization. TCG can help coach and develop your leadership to maximize their ability to lead the organization God has put them in charge of.

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Board Governance

Everything rises and falls on leadership. You cannot create an effective strategic plan or raise money sustainably without effective and unified leadership. Boards are a key component to the heart of a nonprofit and it is where many of our partners start in their engagement with TCG. Our Board Governance Training will help your team operate within your God-given gifts and function to the highest level possible.