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Sporting Clay Shoot

Sporting Clay Shoot

Sporting Clay Shoots are one of the hottest and fastest-growing fundraising events in the country.  We innovated the Top Gun Sporting Clay Shoot fundraising event model where, instead of paying an entry fee, each shooter raises money through personal sponsors prior to the day of event.  Consider our first sporting clay event that occurred in a small rural Alabama community for a small school – despite very humble personal income demographics, this school raised $92,000.  Or consider the small Amish ministry in Pennsylvania that raised $128,000 on their Champion sporting clay shoot!clayshoot.jpg

Sporting Clay shoots are a type of skeet-shooting event where participants use shotguns to shoot small, round hard-clay targets that are launched into the air by throwing machines.  At most sporting clay facilities, targets are launched by remote-controlled throwers.  Sporting Clay events are very similar to golf and were initially inspired by the game of golf.

Like golf, shooters typically play in foursomes and ride four-person golf carts specially fitted with gun racks.  Like golf, shooters keep score with a scorecard and typically shoot from 15-20 station positions (similar to 18 holes).  Typical shoots involve either 50 targets or 100 targets per participant.

Sporting Clays are often a far better adult fundraising event option than golf tournaments.  In golf, only 15% of adults can play golf, which means that an organization must exclude 85% of its support base.  With sporting clays, 100% of your base can pull a trigger!

Sporting clay events are super-safe, and often the most enthusiastic participants are those who come and shoot for the first time.  Because most people have never participated in a clay shoot, sporting clay events have high appeal and intrigue to many people.

Most of our sporting clay events involve men and women, including those who have never shot a gun before.  In addition, most of our events also involve father-teen or mother-teen pairs to increase family appeal.

We have conducted Top Gun Sporting Clay Shoot events from coast to coast – from Alabama to Alaska and from settings on private property ranches to top-end facilities.  We’d love to show you how your organization could take advantage of the newness, intrigue and excitement of a sporting clay event to energize and mobilize your supporters into a powerful major fundraising event.

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