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Sports & Band Boosters Case Study

Case Study

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Bamalax is a small youth lacrosse league in Vestavia, Alabama. Bamalax consists of 101 boys ages 11 – 15 years old.  As is the case with most sports clubs, parents had to make significant financial investments in uniforms, equipment, club fees and travel to competitions. Bamalax board members were looking for a way to raise money to cover field rentals and tournament travel and to provide an opportunity for parents to lower their club fees.  Board members were also looking for something purposeful that would bring players and their families together to build deeper unity and create a sense of purpose greater than playing the game of lacrosse.  

Bamalax heard about Feed The Need and used it to create unity and build a focus on serving other children who are less fortunate.  With just 101 kids, Bamalax followed the Champion program and raised $114,000!

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