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Sports Club Fundraising

We Serve Sports Clubs  

We love youth sports and work with local sports clubs including youth soccer, softball, and lacrosse.  Many of our Champion team members are actively involved in youth sports with their children, and some of our team serve as volunteers and youth coaches.crowdfunding 

We believe youth sports are important!  We believe the true success of youth sports is not the win/loss record but the character developed by boys and girls through the process of athletics.  We believe youth sports can shape these boys and girls into truly successful men and women.

Does your sports club need money for uniforms and equipment?  Do you need money for field rentals or travel competitions?  Are your parents looking for ways to lower their sports fees?  If so, we can help!

Our events create exciting opportunities to bring your families and local businesses together to raise major funds for your team or league.  Consider the small youth lacrosse league in Alabama of 101 students (aged 11-15) that raised $114,000 on their first Champion event. 

Whether your sports club is facing a need of $20,000 or over $100,000, we would be delighted to help you.

Top Reasons Youth Sports Clubs Hire Champion:
  1. To fund special short-term needs (equipment, uniforms, travel)
  2. To fund long-term growth opportunities (facility acquisition, field purchases)
  3. To reduce out-of-pockets expenses for parents

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