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Statistics & Records


Number of Events Conducted to Date: Over 2,600 *
Total Funds Raised to Date: Over $100,000,000 *
Locations of Events to Date: 48 states plus Canada
Number of Feed the Need Meals Packed: Over 750,000
Time Needed to Organize an Event: 10-12 Weeks
Volunteers Needed to Organize an Event: 5 - 7
Average Donation Size: $114
Estimated Total Expenses per Event: 30% - 40% of total raised
Number of First-Time Donors Generated Per Event: 300 - 3,500
Clients That Set All-Time Fundraising Records: Most
Time Required Per Participant to Raise Funds: 1-2 Hours

General Records

Most Raised by One Individual: $64,000 New York, NY
Most New Donors in One Event: 3,510 new donors Columbus, OH
Youngest Fundraiser: 6 years old; raised $10,200 w/parents Birmingham, AL
Smallest Rural Area Event: $43,000 raised (small school; Pop 449) Ashby, MN

Single Event Fundraising Records

Most Successful U.S. Event: $360,000 Buena Vista, CO
Most Successful Canadian Event: $228,000 Calgary CAN
Most Successful Small Town Event: $204,000 Opelousas, LA
Most Successful Small School Event: $154,000 (63 students) Birmingham, AL
Most Successful Small Nonprofit Event: $128,000 (3 staff) Lancaster, PA
Most Raised by a Christian Ministry: $360,000 Buena Vista, CO
Most Raised by a Christian School: $283,000 Dacula, GA
Most Raised by a Private School: $154,000 Birmingham, AL
Most Raised by a Youth Sports Club: $114,000 (101 youth) Birmingham, AL
Most Raised by a High School Band: $87,000 Forsythe, GA
Most Raised by a Crisis Pregnancy Min: $104,000 Birmingham, AL
Most Raised by a Greek Fraternity: $64,000 Birmingham, AL
Most Raised by a Greek Sorority: $49,000 Birmingham, AL
Most Raised by a University Student Assn: $193,000 Tuscaloosa, AL

Fundraising Records By Type Of Event

Best Golf Marathon: $325,000 Atlanta, GA
Best Golf & Walk: $204,000 Columbus, OH
Best Sporting Clay Shoot: $92,000 Columbiana, AL
Best Carnival: $283,000 Dacula, GA
Best Bowling Derby: $107,000 Starkville, MS
Best Feed The Need: $228,000 Calgary CAN
Best Custom Adventure Event: $360,000 Buena Vista, CO

Feed The Need Specific Records

Fastest Packing Party Event: 1 hour and 45 minutes Forsyth, GA
Most Inclement Weather Event: Blizzard Snow Storm Bend, OR
Youngest Participant: 2 years old Dayton, OH
Oldest Participant: 91 years old Winter Haven, FL
Smallest Packing Party Space: Fellowship Room (20’ x 20’) Mobile, AL

Golf Marathon Specific Records

Most Holes Played in One Day: 387 holes, Pete Jenson Enid, OK
Most Holes Played with Same Ball: 103 holes, Kent Wallace Allegan, MI
Best Score for 100 Holes: 25 under par, Buzz Fly Memphis, TN
Most Houses Hit in One Day: 4 houses, Billy Graham Evergreen, CO
Oldest Golfer: 84-year-old woman, 96 holes Los Angeles, CA
Most Lost Balls in One Day: 60 balls, Mark Loukides San Diego, CA
Most Holes-in-One in One Day: 2 holes-in-one, Brad Snider Dothan, AL
Most Holes by a Blind Golfer*: 54 holes, Dave Meadors Nashville, TN
Hottest Marathon: 117° Fahrenheit Midland, TX
Coldest Marathon: 26° Fahrenheit Stillwater, OK
Most Holes Played over 100°: 208 holes, Darrin Penny Palm Springs, CA

*combined from founder's two companies