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Who We Are

Who We Are

Champion is the leading expert in the U.S. and Canada in conducting major fundraising events for schools, Christian ministries and select nonprofit charities. Our founder helped pioneer our specialized industry in 1990, and no other individual in the country has served this industry as long.

private school fundraisingCurrently, we bring you the experience from over 2,600 major fundraising events that have been conducted throughout 48 states and Canada. Impressively, these events have raised over $100,000,000 ($100 million) to date.

Most of our client partners actually set their historical fundraising records on their first Champion event.  Many of these organizations have been in operation for 40-50 years, and several have set over 150-year fundraising records with Champion.

We use the excitement and energy of major events to convert your supporters into actual fundraisers.  The process is fun and easy for your participants, and your funding comes from their personal fundraising efforts as well as corporate sponsors, underwriters and other sources.

The methods, tools and technologies we bring to you are best-in-class in our industry, and our financial results show the extraordinary proof of how well they work.  From small Christian schools and youth sports clubs of less than 100 students that are raising over $100,000 per event – to larger organizations that are raising over $200,000 and $300,000 per event – we can show you how to mobilize your supporters to raise major money in just 90 days.

Innovations & Strategic Consulting Services

Champion has innovated some of the most successful major fundraising event concepts in the United States in the past two decades – including Golf & Walk Events, Top Gun Challenge Sporting Clay Shoots and Feed The Need Events.

In addition to conducting major fundraising events, we also provide Growth Coaching (Strategic Consulting Services) that can help you break out of the 12-Month Cycle of Survival to drive long-term growth and funding.  We have a seasoned team of experts who can walk you through a simple process to help your organization make strategic shifts that can lead to a stronger and more successful future.

Sustainability and growth only happen through strategic planning – defining a strategic Master Plan based on real-life best practices and aligning all of your organization’s human, technological and financial resources behind this plan.  We’d love to bring our years of experience to help drive your growth and financial future.

The "Why" Behind Our Storylife-changing organizations like yours that help people and make our country good

For many people, the world is a hard and difficult place. Christian ministries, schools, camps, youth sports clubs, community nonprofits – these are the great life-changing organizations like yours that help people and make our country good.  These are the organizations that shine like lights in the dark and bring help to people in need.  Champion’s heart is all about people.  We’re here to help you help more people.  Our passion is to serve organizations like yours that are already making a difference and to help them fund their missions at a higher level for greater impact.

Helping Real Heroes

Your story is important to us.  Are you facing big challenges?  Do you need significant funding to take your organization to the next level?  We can help!

To us, the real heroes are people like you and your volunteers who are giving their time and talents to make the world a better place.  These men, women and youth are the true change-makers in our world.  You’re part of an epic story with a great mission, but you’re probably facing big challenges that can only be overcome with money and a helping hand.

Take the small school of 50 students with an annual budget deficit of $20,000 – that now is bringing in $50,000 a year through a Champion major fundraising event.  

Or take the small three-staff-member Christian ministry in rural Pennsylvania that helps Amish and Mennonite families – that is now bringing in over $100,000 a year through Champion.  

Call us.  We’d love to help.

Our Mission

Empowering worthwhile organizations to achieve greater mission impact through effective fundraising and growth consulting.

  • Empowering: We’ll train and empower your volunteers to help you generate significant ongoing financial resources

  • Worthwhile Organizations:  We serve those organizations that help others
  • Greater Mission Impact:  We help put more money in your hands to help you fund your mission at a higher level
  • Effective Fundraising: We bring a truly effective process for raising major dollars for your organization
  • Growth Coaching:  We are creative and innovative strategic thinkers who can help you establish a Strategic Growth Plan to move your organization out of the 12-Month Cycle of Survival to true Sustainability and Growth

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